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I tend to lean towards jig’s point of view. I am always skeptical of expecting improvement when your only true proven offensive weapon left.
Cat has to become a top ten ACC player and BJA has to become a force as well as other things in order to improve over last year. I am not saying it will not happen just that it is more unlikely than likely to happen especially to State. How often do things break right for us?
The most important factor is Gott has to decide defense is important. We can talk all day about how much better so and so is than so and so in regards to defense but until the coaches decide it is important it will not matter. When your playing time is related to how well you play defense, then you will see noticable improvement. Historically Gott has not cared about defense to that level and I see little reason to believe that will change. It MIGHT but as of right now, outside of blind hope, there is no reason to think so.