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The weekend press was UN-GOOD to UNC. WTVD started it….Jeff Gravely made some rather caustic (OK…He’s a State Grad) remarks about the Wainstein report being Body, Witnesses, Motive, Opportunity, and Suspect holding smoking gun….then the N&O jumped in.

I am getting the feeling that the “Banner Arrangers” for the DES Center are going to get more “ROOM” to spread out their OLDER banners….at least the ones that ORW has rings for. BUT, who knows.

It also hit me….I have always thought that DES was a gifted individual. I differ in his social and political views…but still, the man COULD coach and he was VERY good at coming up with “Plans” to control the game in HIS (UNC) favor….aka….the 4 Corners.

Now, I believe that he actually pulled off the biggest triumph of his career circa 1992. In 1990, he saw how our Faculty Senate jumped on the “Crucify Him” and St. Monteith cheerfully did their bidding. He was really, and rightly so, concerned about certain things coming out about his players and that the supposed crimes of Jimmy V were actually happening at UNC.

He also was a student of politics. Thus, when he visited his Alma Mater (KU), circa 1991, he saw a 21 year experiment that was yielding results. The KU AFAM was started in 1970…I THINK it is the oldest in the nation.

Dean, being the good liberal, set about to rationalize in his OWN mind a solution that would be foolproof. NOW, I am of the opinion that when a Liberal has a “PLAN”, it benefits his/her station or position MUCH more that it does to actually SOLVE the plight of the Downtrodden that they are bemoaning.

SO…UNC will rev up an AFAM Department. Dean’s lads (and a few others….if needed) can have a REPARTITION Based Curriculum. In other words, a school where an athlete (mostly of the minority persuasion), can get a Degree on a NON-Level Playing Field since it is the “System’s Fault” that he came from a poor neighborhood and that his ONLY WAY OUT is to PLAY and he does not have enough time to STUDY. I really, in all seriousness, believe that Dean saw NO issues with a department that provided eligibility to his players so that they would get “Race biased GOOD Grades” and actually get a Degree from UNC.

It was the PERFECT PLAN….The UNC Faculty Senate would OVERWHELMINGLY approve such….as it gave them MORE DIVERSITY. And Social Justice and Diversity is what it is all about….never mind if you major in something that you can not make a decent living at or ever have any chance at repaying UNC for all the student loans that you ran up…

Dean, if you recall, actually “COINED” the Phrase…..”THE CAROLINA WAY” in his book. Not only did he conceive the plan….he figured out HOW to market it…so that the Faculty was ON BOARD.

I recently got a cartoon….I will give you the paraphrased version here…

Jimmy Valvano said…..”I have a DREAM….”

Dean Smith said……”I have a SCHEME….”

Sort of sums it up….