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Alpha Wolf

Swoff will not let this go down easily. He would love for another ACC to get in trouble soon.

Florida State is ready-made for exactly that, but your point about NC State is well taken.

Thing is, there have been plenty of people trying to dig up dirt on NC State since this happened. WRAL in particular has sent several public records requests to NC State trying to find something.

WRAL is Carolina through and through, no matter what they say — witness their utter lack of original journalism since the UNC story broke and their half-ass effort to link a former athlete who had already been banned from contacting NC State athletes into something illegal and against the rules. The good news is that they have failed on every try, because State runs a pretty clean ship.

Keep in mind that CBC/WRAL also give David Glenn a daily show, and despite his yammering about objectivity, the man is all but an official spokesman for UNC athletics. At every turn, he has tried to minimize what’s come out over in Chapel Hill, and despite his 997+ years of being the best and best-connected ACC journalist in the history of ever, he and his Poop Sheet staff haven’t uncovered one single thing about UNC. Given all that has happened, it’s obvious he never has because he’s never tried. Even after the Wainstein Report was released yesterday, Glenn was maintaining that this is an academic issue. Relly??!!? With a logic process like that, he’d be the last lawyer I’d hire to represent me, because quite frankly, he’s been nothing more than a toady or a fool. Take your pick.

Then they have the likes of Mike Maniscalco, who’s objectivity rivals Dave Glenn’s, despite the fact that the depth of his knowledge wouldn’t fill a half-full thimble. He shares his show with The Gambler guy, a man who is an even more rabid UNC fan than Maniscalco or Glenn. Finally, we have Joe “Drunk on The Kool-Aid” Ovies providing comic relief and maintaining the Capital Broadcasting party line of pro-UNC coverage.

Honestly, the News and Observer’s Dan Kane and Joe Giglio have been the only local journalists that have done any real work on this issue. WTVD has also done some decent work too, but nothing quite like the N&O. Capital Broadcasting and its properties have been nothing short of an embarrassment to the craft of journalism — for years they’ve been scooped on the UNC issue by Pack Pride and this site, despite having a staff of paid journalists on their payroll. Let that sink in for a moment…the best funded news gathering organization in the Triangle has had circles run around it — by amateurs with little more than a passion for the truth.

Thank God I will soon be able to stream CBS directly and have The UNC Ministry of Propaganda on Western Boulevard programmed out of my channel lineup for all time.