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    If you’re a younger fan trying to gain some perspective on why State fans are so riled up, then you need to go read this post from 2010. And remember
    [See the full post at: The UNC Coaches Should’ve Known]


    The fact that the basketball players were moved away from AFAM shows that the problem and its severity were well known. Roy (and all of the other coaches) “didn’t know” in the same way that tobacco executives “didn’t know” that smoking was bad for your health.


    How could he re-direct players if he didn’t know? That makes no sense. He knew. He was afraid of getting caught. He is not noble for re-directing.


    Come on guys…

    Ya’ll know full well the differences between “knowing” in the common sense of the word and it’s derivatives… (wherein everyone fully accepts observation, hearsay and experience as valid components of ‘knowledge’ )
    and “knowing” in the “strictly legal” sense of the word…

    and ya’ll know that over in Orange County… nobody “knows” or “uses” any version except the later….

    Uncle Roy don’t “know” nothing….
    that can be proved in a “courtroom”….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I wish I had the skills to post a snapshot of CNN this morning.
    The headline article, “18 years of academic fraud” over a picture of a UNC helmet.


    From BobLee

    Dan[Kane]’s question – “What did Roy know and when did he conveniently forget he knew it?” was an Ahhhhah moment for sure.


    UNIVERSITY EMPLOYEES developed a system to keep unqualified and unmotivated athletes eligible to play. To my view, it doesn’t matter whether you can prove the coaches knew or not…the punishment should be the same.

    There wasn’t a lot of new stuff in the report (from what I can gather). But it seems to be getting a lot more press.

    Alpha Wolf

    The UNC leadership and coaches’ claims that “they had no idea” screams one thing loudly and very clearly:

    Loss of Institutional Control.

    Alpha Wolf

    Courtesy of a guy at Pack Pride:



    I’d love to hear someone ask Roy if it ever seemed strange that when a player was nearing ineligibility, they magically got the exact grade they needed to maintain a 2.0.


    Come on Packfanistan, those are great kids who Roy would be proud to have look after his grandkids. Surely they just buckled down when he asked them to.

    I love all of this coming out. I firmly believe that nothing more will happen though. The NCAA, John Swofford and UNC cut a deal a while back.


    Hey, I just scored exclusive behind the scenes interviews with Coach Dean Schnozz and Huckleberry Roy. Here’s a clip:

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    If they didn’t know their athletic program was out of control, they were derelict in running their program. If they did know, they’re crooks. So it’s either lack of institutional control or organized crime. This “I didn’t know” dodge is a bunch of tobacco science.

    Ryebread, something already has come of it. The institutional fraud at UNC is now officially documented. Now everyone knows UNC cheated like hell and that the last 2 or 3 championships, the final 4 appearances and NCAA tournament bids are all ill gotten gains.


    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair


    You know it is a crying shame that all this is finally coming out (OK, NOT) but yes the coaches SHOULD have known.

    I was in school during the V days, and I knew of stuff going on. V claimed he did not know, and got raked over the coals. V got busted though because the authorities said he should have known what was going on.

    Therefore, whether or not Roy knew it (he did) he should and the program should get the same treatment.


    Sing along time in Chapel Hill…… the tune of the Beatles’ Your Mother Should Know, here’s The UNC Coaches Should Know.

    Let’s all get up and dance to a song that was a hit before these coaches were born.

    Though they were born a long, long time ago, oh oh, these coaches should know, oh oh, these coaches should know, woe woe, these coaches should know….

    (Refrain- from any more sanctions)


    Roy not only knew, he new in detail what classes his players were taking. Wayne Walden was with him for 21 yrs from Kansas to UNC with never a player academically ineligible. Roy wrote in his book that Walden was the most important member of his staff! Presenting the story that Deborah Crowder organized the whole thing is laughable. Has anyone mentioned that she was dating Martin Warren when he was a player at UNC and is still his girlfriend today? Good report however stopped short of proper conclusion.


    UNIVERSITY EMPLOYEES developed a system to keep unqualified and unmotivated athletes eligible to play. To my view, it doesn’t matter whether you can prove the coaches knew or not…the punishment should be the same.

    Do you think that Debbie and Julius, by themselves, came up with all that “personal concern” about doing it for the down-trodden students? The money spent on spin doctors was not wasted. How could anybody punish the great U of NC for something a couple of employees were doing on their own. Embarrassing, yes but not something the U had anything to do with or the coaches knew about. So much BS.


    Roy not only knew, he new in detail what classes his players were taking. Wayne Walden was with him for 21 yrs from Kansas to UNC with never a player academically ineligible.

    And when are those dumbasses at K-State going to wake up and start sniffing around KU? Got to be the same sh*t going on there.


    rtpack, I am glad you brought up Warren Martin – a 7 footer back in the early 80’s. That relationship angle has been pretty quiet lately.

    But link the fact that Crowder did this on her own out of goodness of heart for these poor struggling players. Was her boyfriend Warren Martin one of them? Taking the next step, there is no way any one person (or two) could pull this off without help somewhere, and a lot of funds as well.

    I read in one of the articles in the N&O about Crowder’s love and passion for UNC basketball. The quote stated that she was so passionate that there were days after a loss that she was so distraught she could not come to work the next day. Of course, this work day for her was helping those same players stay eligible………..


    They are pretty good at making something plainly indefensible sound defensible.


    Bunting and Davis already have said they knew of the paper classes. Roy says he is clueless. BS. So they’re telling us that the teachers wanted the players to stay eligible more so than the coaches and that the coaches are of no wrong doing. I cried from laughing.

    “I can safely say that the scope of the 20-year UNC fraud scandal easily takes the prize for the largest and most nefarious scandal in the history of NCAA enforcement. The depth and breadth of the scheme — involving counselors, coaches, academic administrators, faculty, athletic administrators, et cetera — eclipses any previous case.”

    – Gerald Gurley

    SMU death sentence x2


    The funniest part is that Bunting had to knowingly cheat to do as “well” as he did.


    Crowder said she started this scam because she felt so bad for those poor athletes. They must remain eligible at UNC in order to avoid prison and a life of poverty. UN-fuggin-believable!! Did she ever figure that they could transfer to ECU and still make it in life? She didn’t care about those athletes one bit!


    While there’s no proof (yet) that Ol’ Roy knew about what was going on, it certainly looks like he knew. In a case like this, appearance matters. I suspect that Roy is being kept on so that he can be offered as a sacrifice to the NCAA at a later date if serious penalties appear to be on the horizon.

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