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whiteshoes67, FSU’s great TE O’Leary did not have a catch in the game. Hard to say our LB’s and safeties weren’t doing the job since the TE is their responsibility. I was at the game, not watching on TV, and from my seat I couldn’t tell how the Nickel and corners were doing but I’d disagree with your assessment that the safeties and LBs were the weak link unless you consider the nickel back a safety.

For what it’s worth the FSU nickel back had a very hard time defending Bo Hines.

We wore down GSU and IDU and came from behind to win. FSU wore our OL down and came from behind to win. Our starting left guard was out with a virus. Our OL played without the benefit of substitution the entire time we had the ball — 91 snaps.

It’s My Not So Humble Opinion that Doeren’s philosophy is to build a base 4-2-5 defense that is fundamentally sound. Unfortunately I don’t know enough about what fundamentals of the 4-2-5 defense are to know where we stand, however, until in Doeren’s opinion we are playing fundamentally sound defense, I don’t expect to see anything exotic. Even if it might result in an advantage for us. I believe Doeren is in it for the long haul, not short term gains. I am putting my trust in him, his philosophy (whatever it is) and our assistant coaches.

Most of the comments I read are concerned with immediate results — 3rd and 4th down results, running outside instead of blocking for up the middle gains. Fortunately our offense with Jacoby Bissett, Shadrach Thornton, Bo Hines, the OL, etc., is very fundamentally sound and we are starting to see the more complete offensive package. Hopefully, soon our defense will shape up as well. We shall see. Until then I’ll just do what the rest of us do — grab the rearview mirror, look at the past and try to steer this vehicle through the conference schedule. 😉