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The illustrious and apparently multi-talented former Miss “Wiley” was never, EVER going to be allowed to take the stand in any type of open forum for 2 reasons:
1. She has the goods. What she knows will decimate unx football and put even more dirt on top of the coffin the holes thought was buried in the past. Once that lid is pulled off the squirming basketball players will be revealed in the same basket.

2. There is NO WAY her Dad was going to allow it to come out in mentioned open forum that his daughter was being ridden like a hobby horse by little greg.

Funny thing is all this bullsh!t about her Dad having money and being able to afford Joe “Smiling like a Cat” Cheshire is just that. A corporation would have trouble paying the legal bills this family would have had if truly they ever had to pay them. Daddy doesn’t have that type of money and Jenny Ho sure as heck doesn’t.