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I was at the game, and our fans were booing FLORIDA STATE, not the players, because they kept pulling that stunt over and over. Soccer deals with this very differently; if a player goes down (and it’s usually a fake) when the other team is moving the ball, the refs let them play on. In other words, if the defense wants to play a man down for that play, then let them do so.

The NCAA needs to keep the “injured” player out for the entire possession. It’s ridiculous to pull a player out for a play when his helmet comes off, especially if it’s yanked off.

After watching this program for the past 20+ seasons, I’ve come to the conclusion that I just don’t like the FSU approach to the game of college football. Bad player behavior off the field is of no consequence (as evidenced by Jameis Winston’s presence on the sidelines vs Clemson), and dirty play is ok since they’re better than most all their opponents and can more than make up the penalties on our next play. This “injured player” stuff is simply another tactic from the FSU “Win At All Costs” playbook.

Now we’ve also got Miami football and Big East basketball to deal with in this “new and improved ACC”. It seems that we’ve become our own worst enemy.