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Great summary. I was at the game. Couldn’t agree more with the write-up. I brought my friend, a die-hard Florida Gator with me (he wore red) and he said that was the most fun he’s had at a game in 10 years and he hopes that the SEC comes calling when they inevitably expand.

-JB12 obviously played well — he certainly has all the tools. I’m not even sure I can say anything about his play that wasn’t obvious to us all. He did outplay Shameless Jameis. I know their numbers were similar but the amount of work that Jacoby had to do go get those numbers was substantially more and the protection ws far less. FSU ran the same post pattern to both sides of the field several times. The receivers just out-athleted our secondary. Couldn’t be more happy with our QB.

-FSU’s fake injuries should be an embarrassment to their program. It’s lying and cheating and is as disgusting as Duke basketball.
-Refs were horrible.
-It’s Bo time!
-Shad was a beast! He ceased to impress me with the yards he continuously picked up after contact.
-Overall, it’s clear that our program is headed in the right direction on all levels.