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Great synopsis….especially since it agrees with what I posted….

Seriously, I felt NO remorse in leaving a few seconds early. I felt no remorse in the loss, other than we came really close. I did NOT have a target or an outlet to say…”You/it” cost us the game.

Jacoby is phenomenal…and that is all there is to say. We have NOT seen a QB have that “edge” or spirit of competition since RW and PR. He is now, in my mind, in the top 3 of NCSU QB. Two of them are current starters on Sunday.

Coach D really was honest and sincere and somewhat pointed in his presser. He laid it out….no sugar. If he had gone too much further, then Swoff would be negotiating a fine with Debbie on Monday. BUT, we ALL understood what he meant.

One thing that really got me….other than the Non-Play that was reviewed was the “Review AFTER the completion of the Media TO”. It does NOT take a Graduate NCSU IE (of which I have half of such a degree….with my BS) to know that you use INTERNAL time to improve your efficiency. WHY they waited….GOD (and Buffalo Wild Wings and maybe Swoff) only know.

The only thing that I might add to your stellar keystroking is that the CROWD should have been awarded a Game Ball. Having attended at least 50% of the CF games since it debuted, prior to my graduation, I can tell you that yesterday was perhaps the LOUDEST, LONGEST (as in duration of the “crowd” effect, and the most INTERACTIVE….that I have seen. I can not seriously think of a game with LESS enthusiasm….and that is saying something.

GO PACK….and YES, yesterday is NOT the Baseline….we will have our ups and downs….but many will also say, I predict, that it was our “Presentation” (as in a Debutant being introduced at the ball) game. We will have to play hard to match it….and we will have to improve….and I think we can on both counts. Death Valley may turn out to be a debacle….but I’ll bet that Deebo is trying to figure out two things….a Game Plan and also HOW to get the Tig’s to understand that NCSU is NOT a pansy a$$ team…and maybe THAT is our greatest weapon next week. Whipping up on FSU like we did in the first quarter almost pulled out a victory.