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This insistence of the PTB at promoting the Duke-Cheat rivalry as the end-all-be-all has diluted the product to the point that we are where we are today. Not only have they cheated other conference schools out of a chance to be successful, their officiating “tendencies” have left the blue boys soft come NCAA tourney time.

It’s not really surprising that neither team made it far this year if you look at their teams. The Cheats are a one man show in Paige. McAdoodoo is hot garbage, I mean, has there ever been a player that was a three time All-ACC selection that did less on the court with more talent? And Duke died by the three like they have so many times in the past. There is no denying that Parker is a great player, but he is not a carry the team type guy. Hell for my money Hood was better all year, yet Parker is a finalist for the Naismith. ACC propaganda at its finest.