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Dan Kane has been driving nails in the flagship coffin for several years so when reading the box score of the *NC-ISU game it was serendipitous that the game winner was delivered by non other than D. Kane of ISU.

Another observation is quite a few teams last week seemingly had games under control only to lose what appeared to be safe leads in the closing minutes. If TEAM defense and free throws were featured more on highlight reels, maybe kids would spend as much time honing those skills as they do perfecting their dunk shot.

NCSU needs the equivalent of a football defensive coordinator on the basketball staff who does nothing but teach defense and recruit. Slam dunks may make the highlight reel but effective defense often wins games and reduces the pressure on the offensive end.

And nobody leaves practice until the team drains 10 free throws in a row. Each player takes one turn in the 10-free throw rotation. As the number of successful free throws in a row increases, the next man up has increasing pressure not to let the team down…simulating game pressure situations. Miss and you let the team down and start over.