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I watched the game rather than post. It was a great effort….right up to the end.

We have played 5 games in 8 days….We beat the #5 team in the ACC Tourney. We ran out of gas against Duke. Duke is our WORST match-up, but we played tough. In case some of you doubt that statement, then I will cut and paste it from Bobby Lutz’s email that I got.

Tonight, we were playing a veteran senior team. We stayed up all night on the flight from Dayton to Orlando.

If you go back through the season and look at the losses, especially the ones that we lost in the end, you can see a pattern of “exhaustion”.

NOW, we did have MORE than enough of a lead. We just did not hit our Free Throws. If you think that was tough, ask Jim Harrig of Peperdine about hitting Free Throws in 1983.

Coach Crews used the Jimmy V defense on us and Vandy missed his. TJ and others contributed.

I am very disappointed….but NOT ready to throw a team that showed a LOT of guts and won games that they should not have won and also finished MUCH higher than anyone thought.

I also remember folks wanting Cat to go to Calipari and Tyler to Davidson….then when they showed their talent, they were the greatest thing since drop seat underwear.

The season is OVER. BUT we have a 2014 NCAA banner. Coach Gott is 4 – 3 in NCAA play and has a 3 year run going.

Not a great way to end the season, but it ended MUCH better 22 – 14 than anyone EVER (seriously) thought and we got to the NCAA and avoided the NIT.