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Worst choke job by the Pack since Vanderbilt in ’04. NC State tears your heart out on a weekly basis, but somehow they find new and unbelievable ways to reach for the bourbon year after year. I was in shock watching that last 3 minutes unfold. I’m depressed, angry, and wondering why I continue to do this to myself. Having said that:

Let’s not spend the next 24 hrs $h!+ing all over these guys. TJ Warren just finished as good an individual season as I’ve seen since starting at State in ’93. Everyone improved over the year and they fought hard despite getting hosed on calls in what would’ve been big wins. This loss is entirely on them. No doubt. But they fought hard down the stretch just to get us into the tournament. I hate that the season ends on a meltdown like this, because they deserve to be remembered in a better light then they most likely will. I’m gonna go drink some rubbing alcohol now.