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What I wanted to see tonight was a decent performance by a school that’s struggling to turn it’s once-storied program in the right direction.

What I saw instead was probably THE textbook example of why this program is not only still mired in mediocrity, but is sinking. And tonight, the entire country saw us under a microscope.

If you could put this team’s, no- this PROGRAM’S mental toughness on the edge of a razor blade, it would be like rolling a bb shot down the middle of I-85/40 through Burlington.

Until NC State University goes in a different direction with the type of players and coaches it recruits, I see only ther kind of pain and suffering that our fan base is enduring tonight after the Orlando debacle.

If I were in charge of NCSU tomorrow morning, my first move would be a complete housecleaning from the AD all the way down and through the athletics department.

Mental midgets we are.