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This game was lost by GOTT at approximately the 3:00 minute left mark of the 2nd half. When the strategy is CLEARLY that they will foul us immediately for the last 3 minutes why in F€€€ do you leave your worst FT shooters in!!! Why would you do that! If we put one of our practice team guys in or the waterboy etc that can hit a FT we win that game. We would simply trade baskets at that point with a few 3’s mixed in.

I have NEVER in my life seen a team more lost on the press! No two guard line until almost the 1 minute mark. WTF?

Still, The worst mistake of all time was with 3:00 left in regulation in a foul festival you have those shooters in????

On a side note why didn’t Anya play? He was clearly doing solid.

Sick just sick. But then again how often have we crumbled away big leads at the end?