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His job should be results driven and his results are poor.

But which results do you judge him by?

Swoff didn’t make anyone hire Lowe, Bzdelik, Doherty or anyone else. When basketball schools like UMD and NCSU suck, how is that Swoff’s fault?

Swoff’s biggest responsibilities are financial ones. Considering how badly ACC football has always been and how far the basketball programs have fallen, it’s going to be difficult to prove that he left money on the table with ABC/ESPN (or that there were better options).

Swoff cherry-picked the Big East apart and only lost Maryland. By all of the reports that I’ve seen, every expansion has led to bigger TV contracts and more money per school. (Do you really think that the 9-team ACC would be financially viable today? I sure don’t.) The ACC is still here, while the BE has split and become C-USA on steroids.

There have been some rumblings about nepotism with the Raycom contract…but I don’t have any data to say that there were legitimate options other than Raycom for the games that ESPN doesn’t want.

Now that the ACC has vested so much into the Duke/UNC game

Is this Swoff or ESPN/Vitale?