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Haven’t read any of the above, don’t plan to. I saw it, already know it, and don’t have to stomach to read the comments of those with their @#$! up the rear of the officials.

To add, perhaps, something different from what has already been posted:

I was at the game. For perspective of my view, see the picture I took below of the evil cabal. That’s exactly the spot of the Warren “TO”. But what was even worse, in my opinion (though not as blatant, but with a bigger overall impact of the game), was the obvious moving picks, hip checks, elbows, knees and holds that went on off the ball, THE ENTIRE GAME. Almost as if they’re a legal part of the game built into Roy’s tactics and strategy.

I lost count on how many times I saw an NC State player moving on defense, off the ball, only to be knocked back or off balance, by an elbow/hip/or knee of a moving pick. Not called, not once.

Absolutely pathetic.