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Cuz needs to be a leader…. I’m sorry I didn’t see more of that tonight.

Ain’t gonna happen, at least not overt leadership. Just not in his makeup. Asking him to do it would be the square peg through the round hole scenario. Would come off forced and fake.

We need organic leadership, but I just don’t see it with this group. Only ones, from my distant view anyway, I see with that potential this season is Lewis and Washington. Unfortunately, I don’t think Lewis’s mind is right to play that role, and Washington is a freshman still feeling like a freshman.

This is two years running now. Not a condemnation of Gott, but not a good sign either.

Say what you will about K, but he’s a great coach and this is exactly one of the reasons why. His players police themselves. So much so, that when there is a failure in this area, it is such the rare exception that it becomes a story of the game. That is not an accident.