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I just saw about 2/3 of the second half (figure that one out), but I didn’t have a problem with TJ’s actions (or lack thereof) on the bench. Some guys are demonstrative, some aren’t. The team won, so maybe he said something in the locker room? Who knows.

I do know that the psychology of team scoring can be an utter mystery. When a team has a guy like TJ he seemingly can score at will, other guys seem to shy away from aggressively looking for their shots. TJ is going to get his, and it helps greatly to have other threats. Even if he gets 22, the team still needs another 43 (in tonight’s case). Make the D respond. TJ scores a lot of follows and opportunistic buckets anyway, so I say take the shot if you got it. I’ve seen it happen at all levels of bball.

I really liked seeing Turner work hard to get open, and Lee’s defense. Lee frustrated Wells, and the late charge call was huge, and correct. I also thought that having Lewis and Barber on at the same time worked fine.

Still need to bump up the FT percentage!