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Go to GOPack.COM. audio/Video. On the right side, there is a box for Time Warner All Access or something like that. The Video Presser is there. I just watched it. Try this link.

The only difference in the Post Game Radio interview, which was MUCH shorter was the comment about Sunday’s practice.

If you look at the body language and listen to the comments (OK…now I guess I am a psychic….but seriously), Coach Gott is really frustrated. The reporters even seem reluctant to ask questions.

ORW had a few of these over the last years. You form your OWN opinion.

After having a few hours to mull over this and listening to the comments, I am NOT giving up on either Coach G or the Team….just stating what I heard and saw. I think that he will do some positive things with them…but right now, he seems a bit “perplexed” as well as frustrated. He said that he has NOT seen this team in any of the prior games and it was not the same team that played 18 minutes of the first half.

As to Chemistry….I have gone to all the home games and ACC Tourneys and to a FEW of our rare NCAA appearances since the mid 90’s. I think back to “team chemistry” and Lowe’s 2006-07 team probably had the BEST chemistry and played well over their heads….I saw that in Tampa… The OTHER team that played with enthusiasm and confidence and “team work” was Coach G’s 2011-12 or the FIRST year for him. I went to Dayton and also St. Louis. That team never seemed to give up. It was NOT the same the next year. What DO I CONCLUDE from that….Nothing….you can NOT put in a new coach every year.

You guys make your own decisions and conclusions…not trying to influence…