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Wufpup… there is no question that our bigs have plenty of room for improvement especially the rookies… Anya and Freeman.

BUT… it won’t happen if they don’t touch the ball in a place and position where they have a high percentage of success. Now, as I see it…

Coach is responsible for their Place (Where they need to be on the floor)… We saw the Vandwagon working very enthusiastically ABOVE the free throw line 10 times more often than we saw him down low on the blocks during last night’s game. And there’s no question he was doing exactly what he was told to do. Unfortunately, that begs the obvious question “Why is your 7-footer consistently setting up 20 feet from the basket when his defender was 6’7”??? “. I’m pretty sure somebody else can set that high screen for Mr. Cat.

The Bigs are responsible for Position… getting to the Place where the Coach told them to be at the right time AND on balance, hands up, ready to receive the ball and with a clear idea in their head of what they are going to do next (Roll left, Roll right, hook shot, dunk… whatever). We’re getting in position SOME of the time… but the rest of that equation needs a lot of work.

The perimeter players, especially the point guard, are responsible for getting the Bigs the Touch (the Ball ) with a “catchable” pass. Speaking of point guards…. let’s finish that here…

Practice leads to confidence, Confidence leads to Success, Success creates Enthusiam and Energy.
With Success… Fatigue and Attitude become non-issues and the rest is history.

Unless the Bigs start bringing the ball down the floor, the other members of the Team have GOTT to do their jobs first to get our Bigs going.

To work all this out…. at the rate we’re going….we MIGHT NOT be ready to go by the beginning of NEXT season…

I’m thinkin… Richard Howell if he was on this team….would have taken a couple of freshman out behind the woodshed by now and “persuaded” them to get him the ball when and where he wanted it by now.

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