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Recruiting wins notwithstanding, this is Finley’s final year coming up, and we’ll see how much Doeren’s coaching acumen has improved. It appeared to me last year that he did cede some of his gameday decisions to his coordinators, which is a double-edged sword.

Watch closely during a game Sweeney is coaching for instance. He doesn’t make decisions on defense and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t make decisions offensively either. You can really see it in pro games. The head coach has duties but they aren’t offense or defense decisions. The HC interfaces with the Referee, decisions that mean deviation from the game plan, etc. He may be the deciding factor in whether or not his team tries an on sides kick or not. Whether to go for it on 4th down or not, etc.

You can count on his holding the coordinators accountable, as the coordinators hold the assistants accountable for their position groups. The HC is responsible for all the team does and for all the results. When the team isn’t winning, the AD doesn’t go to the coordinators about it the defense allowing too many points or the receivers dropping passes. You can bet your hat, arse and overcoat the receivers coach is responsible for those drops and has to account for them to the OC.

Since the level we hear about accountability and responsibility usually stops with the head coach, little is known how far or deep this accountability/responsibility goes but I can tell you this: the players speak of being accountable as part of their education. It’s a fine line between holding someone to account and blame. Unfortunately we fans don’t understand the difference and when we hear of a coach or player being held to account, we frequently but unknowingly blast our coach for something he isn’t doing. Ever wonder why we hear so much “Coach speak”? Coaches are avoiding being truthful for fear of being misinterpreted.

Doeren will make changes in the defense but Hux and Roof will be doing the heavy lifting. I expect new ideas from Roof but Hux is accountable for the defense and defensive changes. Already there are leaks about the defense being better, more exciting, etc. For sure Doeren will be in on the changes, maybe even in the coaches rooms putting limits on aspects such as blitzing. And he should be. He will also be in with the coaches creating
offensive schemes, even tho he will have much less input. The “50/50 pass/run” philosophy is his and the offense will be designed inside these parameters. Deviations will be suggested by him or the coordinator to him but Doeren will not usurp the coordinator’s responsibility.

This is how HCs keep good coordinators. Yes you have to pay them fairly but good coordinators won’t stay with a team that jerks them around. When Doeren went to New England, he took both coordinators with him. Very few college level coordinators meet with the some of the best counterparts in the business for coaching and training.

He may be foolish to think so but Doeren is planning on the Wolfpack being on or near the top of college football. To quote Lou Holtz (or Holtz quoting somebody else), “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” We seem to be trending in that direction.

Backing up just a bit “Recruiting wins notwithstanding, this is Finley’s final year coming up, and we’ll see how much Doeren’s coaching acumen has improved.” Addition by subtraction. His coaching acumen will improve by less interference with his coordinators. IOW he is a smarter coach by letting his coaches coach.

This is Finley’s final season. Kevin Leary, 4-star QB will be a freshman and there is every reason to believe he will be outstanding. Leary has a strong, accurate arm and is adequately mobile. He is a committed young man. Gave up his senior year of HS baseball to work out to gain the weight and strength he needs to be a college ready QB.

The good HS receiving recruits know who will be delivering the ball to them and are interested in the Wolfpack. Our recruiting is not some hit and miss program under Doeren’s guidance and Kitchins’ management. We are attracting QB interest from 4-star HS QBs from as far away as California.

We may not see it but others around the country see NC State as a team of the future.