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Grey: I’m with you regarding football recruiting. Win and 5 stars will come. It is important for the program to ride a Senior Finley into the rankings all season. That is the nex step, even if it is 15-25 all year. That’s really where Sheridan had us year in and year out, and that is the high water line for our program in my lifetime. It would be nice to get back there, but first we have to do it once.

Like you I really like McDonald. There was a reason Syracuse was so
Mad when he left. I saw an immediate improvement in our route running the next year, and I think we’ve seen the bump in recruiting.

Ironically I feel better about the position coaches on offense than defense. Our DL haul (particularly with all the playing time we’ll be offering) will be telling.

I also agree about Thunder Dan. I hope we can keep it up because S&C kind of seems to cycle. We started really strong with Stroud but I think he left and we weren’t the same in the final years of Amato. TOB’s S&C was awful. Then we picked up with the Arkansas hire, but it fell off before Thunder. Let’s hope Thunder can sustain it.

I also think football recruiting is less exact than basketball. Yes there are clearly 5 stars that are flops in basketball but they are much rarer. The kids are so much better vetted, thus the ability to put a predicted value on a player by the shoe companies. Football evaluation is much tougher, more distributed and the players are only playing at certain times of the year. I trust what my eyes tell me and that is that the talent level in many positions is going up.