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gray: As always, I hope you are right.

Rye, As usual, I am. 😉

About recruiting in New England… I expect as we continue to excel a few HS players from New England will contact us. IMO to be effective in recruiting an area you have to have assistant coaches who are known in the area and have relationships with HS coaches. George McDonald was already established in Florida as is Dan Patrick. Roof is well known and respected in Georgia. Faulkner is dominant in the Charlotte area. And so it goes.

We have staked our claim in New Jersey and are doing the same in Tidewater Va. We have point men in position recruiting as well as geographically. There are no clear cut lines but each coach has recruiting responsibilities.

In addition to coaches we have recruiting staff as well. Clemson has probably twice as many staff devoted to recruiting as we do. Spreading our staff and coaches too thin could be detrimental to the overall effort. In order to recruit successfully you have to identify and be “on” elite players as sophomores and even freshmen sometimes. I would guess the Quality Control coaches are looking at sophomore film during the off=season helping to identify beneath the radar talent.

The perennial top teams such as Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, USCal and others can come in late to offer after a player blows up during his junior year but teams on the rise like NC State must already have our foot in the door.

Doeren says we will not be out worked. All this work behind the scenes by staff and coaches is already paying off with our being on some top 5, 8 and 10 lists with some very good company. When we have another good, winning season this year it will only get better.

I kind of drifted off a little but I just don’t think we have the recruiting staff to do an effective job of recruiting if we try to cover more territory than we already do.