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Rye and LifeLongWolf,
We recruit Orlando and other parts of Florida, we don’t recruit New England and high schools are not practicing right now. That’s a lot of coaching muscle to be looking at a HS player do what?

It could be recruiting but the Patriot’s have OTAs May 30-31. If I was going to watch the Pats practice to see how they did it, I would take my 2 coordinators. Designing practices is HC & coordinator business.

I went to a couple of Doeren’s practices the first year. I went with a Wolfpack Letterman who said it was the most organized practice he had ever seen. It won’t be one or 2 big things that keep us in the top 25 or vault us into the top 10, it will be attention to detail and a lot of small things that add up.

Belichick is one of the brightest minds in football today and honestly I like Doeren using his connections. I don’t think I am going to overlook that important factor because of my dislike for the Patriots or Belichick.

For fashion Doeren is going over to Holesville to check out the argyle and basketball player on the football unis. 😉