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Don’t think I’ve ever gone to PP. Think I heard it costs money, and being a poor writer, that, like Kate Upton, is out of my league. I’ve seen some political crap over at BTP, but it’s easy to avoid. Don’t think I’ve really gone to 247 except when I’ve seen a link or two here or at BTP or from Facebook.

You don’t want to go to PP. I went over there to keep track of what was going on with the UnCheats situation because this site went absolutely dead on up to date factual info. Now, with that being said, PP is full of a bunch of nutcases and I’ve deleted my link recently. I’m not a fan of 247 because of the constant barrage of advertising/popups, etc. I’m hoping we can keep this group together, I’m not sure how to do it. I’m open to anything reasonable.

Summer doldrums, sure I get it, but this summer is about the worst I’ve seen it. This community seems to be dying and has quite obviously been neglected by the owners. That assertion would seem to be bolstered by the fact that while SFN was down for two weeks due to a “glitch”, it appeared the SFN owners hadn’t even realize it until a full week went by & were asked about it on the Twitters.

That being said, there’s definitely still a general interest in this specific community as I’ve seen quite a few of the regulars sign up over at PFN (including a few SFN moderators). The problem now is lack of participation. For now I’m trying to drive that content creation aspect (i.e. new topics) over at PFN to start generating some participation and I’m starting to see some traction. At the end of the day, the PFN software is head and shoulders above SFN while still maintaining that de-cluttered and simplistic look and feel. It’s also easy to use and has an owner who cares about keeping the community afloat and the site running smoothly.

And let me say having SFN members switch over to Packpride, or 247, or whatever it is these days, sounds like an awful idea. Perhaps I’m biased, but the SFN users seem to post (when they do post) much higher quality content within the discussions than over at PP.

I plead guilty cause I didn’t know it was down at all, but I have been very busy…which in itself, is difficult, for someone who is supposed to be retired.

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