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I don’t recall ever seeing roster turnover like has happened under Keatts. In his second season, if there are no additional roster changes (so assuming Dorn returns, for example):

– There will be just 2 players remaining who were recruited/signed by Gottfried: Dorn and Johnson.
– There will be just 3 players remaining who played during the 2017-18 season: Dorn, Johnson, and Beverly.
– Of the 13 scholarship players, 9 transferred to State from another program. Given there are 3 incoming freshmen, Markell Johnson is the only non-freshman who is not a transfer.

I realize that Keatts coached at Hargrave, where the entire roster turned over every season… but I wasn’t expecting this extreme when he took over at State.

That said, the roster looks nicely balanced across positions:
– 3 PGs (Johnson, Beverly, Harris)
– 3 SGs (Daniels, Bryce, Lockett)
– 2 SFs (Dorn, Hellems)
– 4 PFs (Killeya-Jones, Funderburk, Steere, Bates)
– 1 C (Walker)

Remaining player eligibility is also balanced:
– 2 players with 1 year remaining
– 4 players with 2 years remaining
– 4 players with 3 years remaining
– 3 incoming freshmen with 4 years remaining

And it certainly appears that the roster is constructed with players who better fit Keatts’ system than the roster in his first season.

I’m optimistic.