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I post mostly here and a little on 247. If we all moved to 247, I would post more often there. I see some people on here over there.

I too read BTP, as I think that is currently the best “coverage” for NC State sports online. They seem to have picked up the analytics slant that this site used to have. The forums there are worse than here though.

Henderson’s break out to IPS has seemingly (from the outside) hurt both him and 247. Maybe he’s making a living on the premium/subscription side, but the place seems dead on the free side. The site he left (247) seems to have taken a short term hit, has some reduced participation, but is still the most active NC State sports forum.

This is part of why I think this whole thing really needs to consolidate, and why I won’t be going over to Troll’s site. I appreciate Troll’s efforts to hold this community together, but it’s dead due to lack of content and posts. We just need more critical mass of posters in one spot and more idea exchange. If this site has to die in order for it to happen, then so be it. The political debates really killed this place, and ran off a lot of posters.