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I was in a local clothing store today at the same time that a really big dude and his parents were shopping with him. Obviously he’d “outgrown his clothes again…just like me, but for different reasons”. Prom time is coming up so there were multiple reasons for him. Anyway, I started chatting with them and he’s still a high school football player. 6’4″ or so, weighs 280, but bulks up to over 300 during the season and is going into his junior year. I saw them looking at an Orange and White tie and said “you don’t want to do that”!!! Anyway, State is recruiting him and I expect Clempson is also because he want to major in Engineering. His Dad said, and he did not say who was putting the bug in his ear, but I can imagine…He says they are concerned about the NC State football coaching situation and the uncertainty.,…..

Connect the dots!!!

"Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!