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3) Place kicking will be better

The glaring hole. Dang, I sure hope so.

Did anyone happen to notice just how many 4 stahs we landed in this class? Or for that matter how many 2 stahs and less we DIDN’T have. Most of the sites I saw had everyone of our recruits as 3 and above. CTC never did that, TOB NEVER EVER came close. Say what you wish but there are some things you cannot coach up and genetics is one of them and a goodly portion of those kids with the stahs also have the genetics. Football mindset is another. You can teach and you can train and you can body build but those go only so far. And the higher the starting point the greater the end result. A few of those kids will probably turn out like Chubb, a monster, and that is how you compete with Clemson and FSU, and how you continue to stomp UNX year after year. DILLY, DILLY!

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