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DD passed the test last year. What was missed last year is that the d actually took a step back…hard to believe with the talent we had, but it did. I have been conflicted on Dad’s tenure for a while.

I see lots of good things and I really like what he has done in terms of program building, but he has struggled in getting conference wins and until last year – winning the close games.

I don’t think he’s out of the woods yet. As good as last year was, the difference between our best conference record and another 3-5 year may have been Nyheim Hines. He had key runs which tilted the field vs Pitt, BC and UNC-Ch. But, consistency begs here – and you throw the close losses out the door with close wins and figure you break even. But, regardless, if we are going to keep our gains, guys are going to have to make plays like Nyheim did when the game is on the line. Maybe it’s Jakobi Meyers or Harmon, maybe the frosh receiver who showed just how much he cares about winning after a fumble on/over the goal line in Winston (seriously folks, that’s the passion you need.) Maybe Finley continues his growth and emerges somewhere between Brisset and RW and Philip Rivers.

Grey – good call on DL coach. He stepped into a great situation. I suspect we lose our OL coach shortly. He had done a fantastic job and I doubt we can keep the 1% at Bay too long, but apparently we did last year. I should be worried about this unit, but I have a lot of confidence in this coach.