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Thanks Ad Yow.

She’s got us currently ranked 5th or 6th in the Directors Cup. We are kicking butt in nearly all the Olympic sports. The revenue sports are looking up. Baseball is in the top 8 in every poll. I can hardly believe it. Our wrestling coach was robbed out of Nat. COY accord to a non-State biased wrestling expert. We brought home another Natty and a bunch of AA’s.

It’s the best this 80 y.o. here has ever seen Wolfpack sports and I’ve been watching and rooting for the Pack for over 70 years.

I have been enjoying the ride too. Watched the ncaa wrestling finals for the first time this year. Go WolfPack. Baseball team is rolling too. My kids quit asking who was winning when I had a sports program on because they knew it would be the Pack and chances are they would be losing. Not this year they would stop and say hey look at the score there winning. Sweet.