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From my distant view it seems Coach Doeren has worked very hard to install an actual winning program of ongoing improvement, to include — 1) building up a first-class staff, 2) become a real factor in in-state recruiting and signing NCSU’s share of the best talent, 3) install a complete player development program – strength training, conditioning, nutrition, health and last but not least academic support.

Jax, You don’t say it explicitly but you are alluding to the culture that Doeren has created here.

Cole Cook, TE (2014-17) says,
“By choosing to play at NC State, I was able to help build and be influenced by a culture that promotes excellence on and off the field. I was coached extremely hard and pushed to be the best player I could be to help our team, while at the same time utilizing resources that allowed me to complete two degrees. Most importantly, I was around a group of men every day that taught me how to be a good man and prepared me for life after football.”

As Coach Doeren puts it,
“Our goal is that when a young man leaves our program, he’s not only been provided with the tools to become a great player and earn his degree, but is prepared to be a great man.”

The Top 5 favorites list of many of our recruits now includes NC State. This isn’t where we were when Doeren came here. Doeren is ridiculed because he was touted as a great recruiter. Because of this some our fans expected Doeren to have a line of BS and would be signing 4 and 5-star recruits from the git-go.

The Pro Day recently held at NC State has opened the eyes of some of the better recruits. Rumor has it that recruits are contacting us after the showing of our future pros on Pro Day. Our entire starting defensive line is predicted to be drafted along with a few offensive players.

This is the culture of 1Pack1Goal.
Get an up close view of Wolfpack football. Overcoming a century of being promoted by the PTB to be second to UNC in all ways has not and will not be easy but it’s happening. Every Wolfpacker should read this and be proud to back the Pack.