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Greywolf, what is your point? Are you just stirring the point to see who will bite? We get that you have a great dislike for Coach Doeren and you don’t miss many opportunities to let StateFans Nation readers know about it. I’m having a hard time understanding expectations. Other than Earle Edwards, Tom O’Brien, and Dave Doren, NC State has never had a football coach stick around long enough to implement a complete college football program. Either the administration and supporters of athletics become inpatient and fire the coach or the coach moves on for one reason or another.

I’m not DD’s agent or cheerleader, have never met the man in person. Frankly, I had never heard of the guy when he was hired and would have pursued other coaches instead of him for our job. I am no longer on campus, don’t live in the Raleigh area and can seldom attend games at Carter-Finley anymore. From my distant view it seems Coach Doeren has worked very hard to install an actual winning program of ongoing improvement, to include — 1) building up a first-class staff, 2) become a real factor in in-state recruiting and signing NCSU’s share of the best talent, 3) install a complete player development program – strength training, conditioning, nutrition, health and last but not least academic support.

Most of the student-athletes appear to be good citizens. Troublemakers either shape up or ship out. The team plays the game with class and they are good representatives of the school. These attributes are good reflections of their coaches and Coach Doeren is a very good representative of the team and the school. I don’t recall any PR snafus except for the Clemson PC’s-On-The-Sideline blowup. The graduation rate is improving or at least making significant strides at completing degrees.

Have the wins been slow to come about? Yes. Is the Wolfpack winning the Division and getting to the Championship Game regularly? No. Are the better bowl games inviting State? No.

All that being said, is the future bright for Wolfpack Football? For this alumnus, Wolfpack Club member and fan, I think so. Should Coach Doeren feel pressure to produce? Most certainly, anyone who has had a job knows they must respond to pressure. He needs to have another 9 to 11 win season. As for Coach Doeren, he appears to be taking the positive steps to meet the challenge. At this juncture, I am not in favor of firing him and cleaning house for a new coaching staff. I don’t think we appreciate how empty the cupboard was and the time needed to really establish a strong footing.

I’m looking forward to kick-off on September 1. Go Pack!

NCSU class of '76
Jacksonville, FL