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In answer to “Anybody NOT done with DD?”, the answer is Debbie Yow. As long as DD can win the home OOC games, beat BC, Syracuse and Wake Forest, plus one more somewhere, he’s 6-6 and still HC. And that bowl in Shreveport, El Paso, Detroit or Slingsh-t, Idaho will keep him our HC, win or lose it.

And if you think DD will be here for awhile, KK will be here even longer. Look what that first year did for Sidney Lowe- he got 4 more, and if KK can just break even in the ACC from now on, he’ll be hailed as the next Everett Case.

AD Yow never met a HC hire that she couldn’t, in her mind, convert to a successful HC, by current State standards, anyway.

She ain’t goin’ nowhere. Look, the money is good, as evidenced by the recent 95K bonus to the UNC President, with 40K of it being counted into her retirement earnings. I don’t know what she makes, but if the UNC President can make 775K with less than 2 years’ experience, I imagine Yow has enough incentive to stay here as long as she wants. The longer the better.