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I read on another site that Markell is going to enter the draft to get an evaluation. I don’t see any chance that he would be a first round pick, so I assume he will be back. Not sure if that is who rye was referencing with regard to rumors.

With the current roster, it seems likely that PG Johnson, SG Bryce, and G/F Dorn are locks to start. That leaves one more starter at G and one big. That last starting G spot seems likely to be Daniels or Beverly, with the one of them who does not start and Harris getting plenty of PT. It seems that leaves Batts without many minutes. I suppose that could result in him considering a transfer, whether this offseason or next year, should it play out that way.

It also seems like it will be a challenge for Bey and Hellems to get a lot of minutes barring injuries ahead of them. But that seems like a potential issue to deal with next offseason, not this year.