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I don’t think Y7 would have helped State next season because he doesn’t fit into the new system Keatts has brought. The rabbit hunt style of offense probably got him in foul trouble too much.

He was, in my opinion, the most important player we had this season and was the most consistent shooter. His presence on the court did many helpful things that didn’t always show up in the stats, and unfortunately he was blamed for our lack of interior defense. He is slow afoot, but there were many other problems as to why we were killed in the paint. Many of State’s losses came in games where Y7 sat out for long stretches.

I don’t know that Y7 will ever be an NBA player, although his size and outside shot might get him on a team that needs height. But I do believe that if he plays for another college team that will use him more, he’ll raise his pro stock. But I doubt he’ll wait two more seasons to play again.

I think the revolving door of players is here to stay, for now anyway. Transfers, grads, one-timers and lots of running and little emphasis on discipline and defense will be the rule from now on. Can we win with that? Yes, if we can recruit at a much higher level. I have big time doubts, but I’m going to shut up and hope for the best.