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I think it is more that some coaches and stiles of play just translate better to the tournament. Take Syracuse with that 2-3. It is a little bit different and they always have personnel that match up to it. Year in and year out they seem to advance further I. The NCAAs than their “talent” on paper suggests they should. There’s no way a couple of their teams that made deep runs should have gone that far, but they did.

With UVA, when they get an unfriendly whistle paired with a hot shooting team from the three, they are out. Their plan to take the air out of the ball back fires because it lets a team of lesser talent hang with them better in a game where their opponent is really up for that one game.

Before he got to UNC and could amass the talent than only cheating the way they do allows for (could not even cheat enough at Kansas), they were known for early outs. I routinely made a “living” at brackets picking them as out after the first or second round. Roy’s not a good in game coach. When plan A isn’t working, he is very slow to adjust (if he notices at all). In league play, that is where “tendencies” save him, but that doesn’t always happen in the big tournament. Thank you TAMU!

The tournament is a differ animal. That’s why it is so much fun.