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emember Gott lost it by 51 last year.. should have been fired before the sun set.

I agree that he should have been fired immediately. He did it with a NBA lottery player at college basketball’s most important position. That is one of the biggest eggs we have ever laid, and it wasn’t the least bit softened by the fact that UNC won the NCAA tournament at the end of the season. Last year was about as dark a year as I can remember for NC State basketball. I’m so glad that Gott is gone.

As my friend Paki said today, it is a tall order to go into the Nose Dome and win. I give us about a 10% chance at winning tomorrow. Paki suggested that the stats pundits have us about 12%. I’m not expecting a win, though I’d love one.

What I am looking for is whether the Pack are ready for the moment. Too many times we’ve gone in there, faced early adversity and just folded. Uncle Roy has known for years (HWSNBN, Sid and Gott) that if they jumped us in the first four minutes, they could cruise. At the same time, if we survived it, we were going to be in it to the end. We’ll see what happens in that crucial period tomorrow.

A lot of it will depend on how the game is officiated. If Yurt gets two quick ones, my suggestion would be to cut the TV off.

Win or lose, regardless of the margin, it doesn’t really change my opinion of Keatts. I’ve already seen enough improvement this year to know where we are headed. It’s just a matter of how long it takes.