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The incident happened October 8th.

Thanks for the correction on the date. I haven’t heard when and if NC State knew, or whether they found out over Christmas. I found it odd that Markell was playing, then he was suspended and with the team, and now he seemingly is not. That suggests we might not have known, but that is pure speculation.

Regardless, I look at that situation and think Markell may not be back this season, particularly since they continued the court date. Others close to the program have hinted otherwise, so I hope I am wrong.

Keatts doesn’t have the roster to play the game he wants to play. That’s obviously not on him. Give the guy some time.

wulfpack: I think you nailed it with this quote. Without running any individual players down, the roster does not match the system. We’re showing the system first. Hopefully we recruit the players to match. In the interim, this appears to be a long season from a record perspective.