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I just dont see hw anyone could blame the coach. I am not saying he is great, but not many coaches could do anything with the current roster. As stated above, we had one of the top PGs in the country on our team last year and sucked. Lost our top 3 scorers and took grad transfers out the door just to have options on the roster. Anyone who expected better was reading the tea leaves wrong. Now I will see I am disappointed in Batts so far. I was under the impression he was a better player than he has shown. Don’t know if it is confidence or what. I do know we have solid players coming in next year and should be considerably more competitive. Follow that up with a solid class the next year and lack of talent wont be an issue.

I also find it funny we gave DD the benefit of the doubt for football for a few years, but KK hasnt even played a full ACC schedule and some want to get rid of him. Just Crazy