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Grey: I honestly find your defense of DD as or more tiring than you find my posts.

Rye, I don’t find your posts tiring but I do find it interesting that on a site where darn near every post criticizes DD, you find my post defending DD tiring. What you call defending, I call clarifying. Mostly I try to point out how the coaching of our team works structure and delegation wise. I know, I know, you don’t want to hear it.

but I can tell you that DD is the responsible party, and then is the one that often blames the players, refs, laptops, etc. when they don’t work out.

Thanks for letting me know DD is the responsible party. That’s a little condescending, don’t you think? Your interpretation of what DD says at the pressers says more about YOU than him. I have heard veiled complaints about refs — you can’t complain or be critical without paying a big fine — but I never heard DD blame a loss on refereeing. What would be an accurate statement is YOU claim he OFTEN blames players, refs, laptops, etc.

Doeren comes out for the second half of his first game and is amazed to see a large percentage of the seats empty. After the game he tells the fans something to the effect, “We need your support, please try to be back in your seats for the start of the 3rd quarter.” A straight forward request. He didn’t know he was talking to thin-skinned, back stabbers who would cut him down at the first opportunity. Take it as a request, he11 no, not this group of fans. “He called us out” is the cry. Shame on him. How dare he make such a request. Doesn’t he know we need our beer. Screw the team, screw the game, getting that buzz up to pregame level is what’s important.

It’s been game on every since. Any opportunity to make him wrong is fair game. Mention laptops on our opponents sideline? He’s blaming laptops for losing. Mention some obvious no-calls? He’s blaming refs for losing the game. In your and many minds Doeren is doing or saying something wrong, waiting to happen. Notice how quick you were to go to that in a discussion about special teams. Couldn’t help yourself.