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What I do not see is how this helps us in Special teams. That area has to improve, and it is not just place kicking. This is the worst (and for the longest) that I ever remember in my lifetime at NC State.

True enough we lost more games due to coverage issues than place kicking issues. Special teams roster was hit hard with losses of Riley Nicholson, Brock Miller, James Valdez and Freddie Phillips. We were hard hit offensively when we lost Hines due to injury and the first 2 games Will Richardson was suspended. Defensively we were hard hit when Stevens was out 4 games.

Think about losing 4 key players on our coverage teams. We filled in with some position players who were on coverage teams before they were on the 2 deep but even the best if he is out of position can’t make a play if he screws up an assignment.

Coaching structures are changing. The Quality Control coaches do a lot what coaches had to do in the “old days.” They chart plays, find tendencies and create “game plans” among other things. The problem may not be a coaching issue but a Quality Control coach issue.

There may or may not be a change in our Special Teams Quality Control coach. If so it will not be a public announcement. (BTW The uncontrolled number of Quality Control coaches is a place where the rich schools can gain advantages. Recruiting staff is another. There are others such as analytic people on staff.)

For football fans who are interested in the qualifications of our QC staff, go to and click on staff.