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Good class. It was nice to see Leary sign. We now have a succession plan for QB. It is nice t see the 4 stars, but it was also nice to see kids that contributed at the larger high schools. I tend to think that translates better than kids that put up gaudy stats at smaller schools, playing against smaller schools. In basketball the AAU circuit, traveling tournaments, etc. help vet whether a small school kid is ready for the big time. In football it is much harder to tell.

Good comments especially the potential for kids that contributed at larger high schools.

Leary reportedly skipped baseball this spring to bulk up for football. He was 3-time All-State, 3-time state champion, Nike Elite 11 QB, and the Army AA bowl. Trent Dilfer, coach at the Elite 11, says that at an NFL 1 on 1 Leary would look like he belonged. In a high-light vid he escaped from a sack and took it 60 yards to the house. IOW he’s not a running QB but he can run when necessary.

The only problem I see is with the succession plan. Leary doesn’t seem like the kind of kid who will lay back and wait his turn. In a competition for QB we’d have a real battle. Good thing he’s not registering early.

And Leary may not be our best recruit. Payton Wilson who flipped from EweNC is the LB we’ve missed for so long now. Played RB, QB and WR as well as LB for his HS. Also State champion wrestler. Yes, Mr. DD and staff done real good this year with this 24th rated class.

I need to go calm down and take my Geritol.