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The pork chop sandwich at Snappy sucks.

La Cava-downtown Salisbury NC

Northern Italian in nature. Expect to dine for at least 1 1/2 hours. If you want it faster take your sorry cul de sac a$$es to Olive Garden

I must agree to all of this.

Born and raised in Mt. Airy. Snappy ain’t all that – has turned into a tourist attraction more than a place to get good food.

The last time I went to church at La Cava, I ate so much my stomach couldn’t take it. I mean that in a good way, relative to La Cava, but was a bad way, relative to me.

Also agree with McCallum’s comments here and on other threads regarding the “Honey Monk” in Lexington. I wouldn’t be surprised if our paths have crossed on more than one occasion over the years, but certainly not recently. I’m pretty far off those beaten tracks now.