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Rye – Agreed on FSU.

Regarding Glennon – he was the one with the least control of his own situation. He had a crappy hand, and played it as well as possible. I don’t think it’s fair that he gets any criticism since he was just stating a fact. He knew that if RW comes back, he starts. His only card to play is a fair one, that’s basically like, look if I stay, I’ve been on the friggin’ I haven’t thrown a meaningful pass in a real game since high school.

OTOH, RW could have stopped chasing his baseball pipe dream and committed 100% to NC State football – which of course, Glennon had done for 4 years.

TOB is old school – and I think it’s obvious it chapped him that RW was playing baseball while the rest of his team was in Raleigh.

RW to his credit – was doing what he wanted to do – and he had every right to do it.

Heck, everyone had a right to do what they did. Sometimes this happens in life – and lots of decent options clearly don’t make the decisions easier.

I think time has shown RW to be a little flaky and perhaps selfish and spot-light seeking – but nothing much worse than that. Glennon just keeps on ending up in awkward situations through no part of his own. TOB, has come across as that old dude who says and does what he wants, not really caring about others, and collateral damage.