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That’s why TOB told him he would have to compete for the position. If he knows he is better than Glennon he shouldn’t have been all worked up over having to compete.

Sorry, but that’s not how it went down. Wilson ASKED to be able to compete for the position in the fall. He knew he could beat out Glennon in fall camp. TOB told him that he would NOT be able to compete for the position. If he wanted to play, he had to be there in the Spring. The thing is that NC State had already make a commitment to Wilson on baseball, that was bigger than TOB.

The guy that curiously gets a free pass in all of this is Glennon — the one who actually made the ultimatum of “play me or I transfer.” If Wilson were back, Glennon was not. He was taking his ball and going home. TOB took two guaranteed years of Glennon versus Wilson possibly being back in the fall, and bought himself another year as a head coach. It had been clear prior to that that TOB preferred Glennon, but I don’t think that was at play here as much as natural self preservation by TOB.

It was crystal clear what was going to happen when Wilson was sent out with the seniors on Senior Day. I was in the stadium that day. That whole Spring ball thing was the excuse, but the ultimatum had seemingly already been laid out near the end of the previous season.

I don’t want to rehash that, or any of the TOB era. I didn’t like that hire, didn’t really like TOB as a coach, didn’t like how that situation played out, didn’t like the complete lack of commitment to developing an OL, didn’t like Mike Archer as a DC, didn’t like the S&C plan, etc.. I was and still am glad the TOB era, as well as almost all links to Lee Fowler, is over.

With the DD hire, it was a roll of the dice, but one that seemed reasonable at the time. Now the discussion is about how we manage DD, and what we do going forwards. We’ve got him 5 more years and at more $$$. Is that coming with raised expectations? What’s he going to do to fix the glaring issues (4-2-5, special teams, media relations, red zone offense)?