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As usual I’m with Grey on this. And I believe CD is in that same category. He talked the talk but isn’t walking the walk that goes with it. IF he had won the Clemson and Wake games he could have written his own contract. Rocky top won’t be so forgiving of losing the close ones, or going oh fer in conference. If that bunch had a brain they’d get Fulmer back in there.

Time to cut him lose. Loyalty is one of the top 3 traits of a great employee. Above all else I thought that’s what Dave was, obviously I was wrong. And to be totally honest I’m p1ssed I was wrong. Yow should put a contract in front of him with a big buyout clause and say “Sign it”. If he doesn’t then pack all his crap up in boxes and sit them in front of the Murphy Center and change the lock on his office, TODAY. Loyalty goes both ways.

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