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Chem79 – I wouldn’t say Liberation Theology is world wide and I certainly wouldn’t attribute the Catholic Church’s stance on LGBT issues as out of the mainstream. There is nothing in the Bible that implies marriage between 2 of the same sex is ok, nor does it address the transgender issue. Clearly, as Christians we are called to love all, but having the church join two in a marriage that’s not acknowledged I don’t believe is cool with the majority of Catholics.

I think your opinions likely stand with the common sense, yet at the same time bold stance of the Catholic Church to not support abortion. Again, I don’t think the US is out of step here either with the majority of Catholics who aren’t running for office. I don’t understand how anyone regularly attending church can support abortion rights, but clearly a significant minority does. (Credit feminism and the mainstream media for getting folks to turn off their minds to what is actually going on there, especially as technology improves. )

Regardless, if there’s one thing I do appreciate about Notre Dame the will still declare a kid academically ineligible (and that rarely happens in any other big time program.)