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    Beyond the putrid interfaith dialogue the Catholic Church has been attempting since Vatican II, the Irish have lost all semblance to up holding the faith.

    NC State has had its Father Hesburghs from Todd Turner to Larry Montieth to Phillip Stiles yet our emptiness is not of the eternal sort that Hesburgh inflicted on Notre Dame.

    That aside, here are the comparisons of the teams.

    Offensive line- ND
    Defensive live- State
    Running backs- even
    Wideouts- State
    Quarterbacks- State
    Linebackers- ND
    Defensive backs- ND
    Punting- even
    Kicking- ND
    Coaching- ND

    Home field advantage will be large. USC has been overrated all season, an off week midseason benefited the Irish greatly as well as three turnovers and no USC Pass rush. State has a week of rest as well as the best defensive front the Irish will see all season.

    Final score Irish 27, State 16.



    In a relatively close to even matchup the one thing we still SUCK ASS at…kicking will rear it’s ugly head and finally bite us. lose by 3

    I can not appropriately state my detest for Notre Dame. The only team in history more overrated than unc, they do however appear to be half way legit this year. Damnit State…come on


    Since State is going to lose.. how about serving up another pair of sneakers.


    mommy they said state lose, state win! pitch it


    I would say the offense line comparison is even. Where ND has a slight advantage in rushing the Pack has kept Finley pretty clean all season.


    I’m predicting a Pack win. 21-17.


    What the heck, since I’m going I might as well have a blast. State 31 – Notre Dame 25.


    My response to the original question would be yes Notre Dame is still Catholic, it just isn’t American Catholic. In recent years the american Catholic Church has been for more tied to the right wing than the world-wide Catholic church has been. Does Liberation Theology ring a bell? The current Pope making conciliatory remarks to the LGBTQ community? I listen to Catholic radio in the car sometimes. It is mostly run by the American catholic church and they are frequently complaining about what the Catholic Church as a whole is doing.


    Notre Dame might be. Not sure about Norte, though.

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong

    gso packbacker

    Norte Dame???

    Perhaps McCallum is not referring to the University, but is instead offering us some sort of coded message regarding our match-up in South Bend this weekend.

    All I can unravel is something like “North give me” or “do not give me” so I am left in a quandary. It seems as though he has only given us a partial message, thus leaving us frustratingly distant from revealing his prescient commentary.

    Sorry, channeling my inner McCallum. 😉


    Chem79 – I wouldn’t say Liberation Theology is world wide and I certainly wouldn’t attribute the Catholic Church’s stance on LGBT issues as out of the mainstream. There is nothing in the Bible that implies marriage between 2 of the same sex is ok, nor does it address the transgender issue. Clearly, as Christians we are called to love all, but having the church join two in a marriage that’s not acknowledged I don’t believe is cool with the majority of Catholics.

    I think your opinions likely stand with the common sense, yet at the same time bold stance of the Catholic Church to not support abortion. Again, I don’t think the US is out of step here either with the majority of Catholics who aren’t running for office. I don’t understand how anyone regularly attending church can support abortion rights, but clearly a significant minority does. (Credit feminism and the mainstream media for getting folks to turn off their minds to what is actually going on there, especially as technology improves. )

    Regardless, if there’s one thing I do appreciate about Notre Dame the will still declare a kid academically ineligible (and that rarely happens in any other big time program.)


    Ah yes… gimme that ole time religion. No wonder…. this is a football thread.


    Feminism you say?

    One long piece I read many years ago about the Vagina Monologues being “performed” at Norte Dame by the usual suspects.

    I’d say Norte Dame is just like every university now EXCEPT when it comes to academics/sports and that turn can’t be too far away.

    Media had fallen for the Irish again, pressure builds on them and expect a big crowd. They thought they’d suck this year and their bandwagon fans have jumped on.



    Most all universities that were affiliated with any religious group have become more independent. Happened with Wake and Duke. Sports is now a money game and the golden domers went there that a few years ago.

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